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Traders are watching bond yields as an indicator for failing markets. The price of bitcoin has crossed the resistance level barelyonly to re-trace lower. After that, a move to is likely before a reversal. So look for buying opportunities. As I said a many months back, bitcoin wales will are what is driving bitcoin value usda biggest risk to price. Many of those wales are true-believersso it unlikely that they will be dumping into market and thus collapsing price.

However, an administrator is just a bureaucrat and they are NOT traders nor investors. That is why they dump massive orders into market at the wrong time and size, thus losing money. When payments are finally made to Mt Gox traders, many will be back into the bitcoin market with far less money than they startedgiving prices a push higher.

Another potential hit to the bitcoin price is the Fed auction where they will soon be selling bitcoins. A savvy whale would be smart to sell their current holdings into the market depressing price before winning the Fed auction. They would have the same number of bitcoins but at a steep discount. Ultimately this will end up being price neutral. That means what is driving bitcoin value usda the near term, there is a selloff on the news.

When the reality actually unfolds, little will have changed. So expect a reversal of this fear trade. The Australian dollar tracks the iron ore price.

This will diminish demand in China for raw ore. This will then lead to lower ore demand from Australia. Thus, if the AUD is linked to the iron ore price, it will drive the Australian dollar lower. This week, the RBA held the interest rate at 1. This rate has been stable since August while the rest of the world has been slowly increasing rates. The 10 year AU bond rate is 2. What is driving bitcoin value usda means that holders of bonds will be moving from AU denominated bonds into US bonds.

This process will accelerate as fear of a falling AU dollar enters markets. That price action will probably be short lived. Some of the current price action is based on rumors that the Trump Administration is going to give favorable status to Mexico and Canada in the looming trade war.

Mexico is a supplier of hogs discount hogsso it has the potential to provide a supply side stimulus in a market that already has a supply side wealth. So, look for some near term continued weakness to add to a long position I like HEM18 options.

Expect a big spike higher when the news reveals that the Most-Favored-Nation status is not given to Mexican hog producers. Trader notes from trading Corn, coffee, wheat, sugar, etc. Explanation of stocks, futures and financial instruments and general market information.

Bitcoin The price of bitcoin has crossed the resistance level what is driving bitcoin value usdaonly to re-trace lower. We now know which whale is driving price lower: Be aware that the next big Hog release is a quarterly hog and pig report out on March 29th. Crypto Will Kill Advertising.

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